Little Things (times two)

Posted: March 24, 2013 by Angel Young in Uncategorized
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Since I somehow forgot about my Little Things post last week (I get my days messed up a lot anymore), I’m gonna go for 10 items, rather than 5.

Five to make up for last week:

  • Making art to forget all the bad things.
  • Dogs
  • Simple date nights – like dinner and a movie, whether it’s going out or staying in.
  • Going to the Fox Theater in St Louis to see amazing Broadway shows.
  • Songs that make everything in the world feel alright again.

And, five for this weeks post:

  • Experiences – going places, seeing things, meeting people. Not wasting life, basically.
  • Traveling. My heart craves adventure it seems.
  • Couch naps.
  • Listening to good music while cooking.
  • My best friend, soul sister, parabatai, and all around sexy beast- Brittaney.

Now, that last one was pretty important, especially for this week. But, I can’t reveal much as to why yet. 😉

Also, some of you may know I went to a con this weekend and met some awesome people. I’ll post pics and whatnot on a night I’m less exhausted. Plus my follow-up on the Mysterious Sickness of Doom is Tuesday, soooo. yeah. Busy week ahead.



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