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Since I somehow forgot about my Little Things post last week (I get my days messed up a lot anymore), I’m gonna go for 10 items, rather than 5.

Five to make up for last week:

  • Making art to forget all the bad things.
  • Dogs
  • Simple date nights – like dinner and a movie, whether it’s going out or staying in.
  • Going to the Fox Theater in St Louis to see amazing Broadway shows.
  • Songs that make everything in the world feel alright again.

And, five for this weeks post:

  • Experiences – going places, seeing things, meeting people. Not wasting life, basically.
  • Traveling. My heart craves adventure it seems.
  • Couch naps.
  • Listening to good music while cooking.
  • My best friend, soul sister, parabatai, and all around sexy beast- Brittaney.

Now, that last one was pretty important, especially for this week. But, I can’t reveal much as to why yet. 😉

Also, some of you may know I went to a con this weekend and met some awesome people. I’ll post pics and whatnot on a night I’m less exhausted. Plus my follow-up on the Mysterious Sickness of Doom is Tuesday, soooo. yeah. Busy week ahead.



Saw the musical ‘Wicked’ on Saturday. Pretty damn great, I must admit. I’m plotting a chance to go see it again before it leaves St. Louis.

For those of you that don’t know, Wicked is the ‘real story’ of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. From her days in school, to her friendship with Glinda before being outcast as “wicked”, to her side of what happened during Dorothy’s trip to Oz. It’s a brilliant story and the actors were incredible, plus the set was gorgeous.

Completely recommend seeing this if you get the chance!

Then again, I am a theater monkey and love going to plays/musicals.

More later.