Getting Published, Being Broken, and Other Experiences of Being Me

Posted: March 18, 2021 by Angel Young in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while, my friends. Let’s catch up some, okay?

Let’s start with what is probably the most exciting thing for anyone that clicked on this: I’m getting published. Specifically, I’m in the editorial stages of my first comic published in an anthology. You can read the announcement here.

I know there’s probably a lot of people disappointed this isn’t a novel or full series announcement. And that’s okay. Maybe this isn’t as exciting to everyone else. But to me? Oh, man. To me this is EXACTLY what I needed to kick myself into gear. To write everything else I keep pushing aside because I felt little to no validation as a writer. But being accepted on my first try writing a comic? That’s mind-blowing to me. I was worthy. And that makes all the difference.

Beyond that, I had my first bit of Harley Quinn related contribution. I’ll have a better explanation post about this soon on – but next week, the new suit for Harley Quinn in the Batman: White Knight universe was named by me! Well, I helped. But still. This is more than I ever could have imagined contributing to her history. But as I said – more on this elsewhere, and soon.

I’ve been working harder on things. I have Wandering Nerd Girl – where I’ve been reviewing a lot during the pandemic, and before that covering nerdy travel, events, etc. I’ve been so lucky to receive review items, partnering up with companies I love to promote things, and having more traffic regularly than I ever imagined.

I also have a YouTube channel, where I post vlogs, unboxings, hauls, travel, etc.

There are my Instagram pages – angelyoung13, where I post my Harley collection, WanderingNerdGirl – where I post miscellaneous nerd stuff, comics, and travel stuff, and autopsyofanangel – where I post my horror collection.

I’ve been writing for Soda and Telepaths – click here to read my articles – as well as two articles for Horror and Sons. One on Let Me In and one about American Horror Story and Halloween.

I may have been absent here. But I promise you – I’ve been hard at work.

My health has been… less than ideal.

I can’t remember how much I’ve shared the last few years, with new diagnosis stuff, etc. We can cover all that another day. But I’ve been feeling particularly rough the last few weeks, since an appointment to try to get me some government assistance so I can go back to the doctor.

But I’m trying to get myself healthier than I am – weight loss, mental health care, etc. What I can do to help myself feel better, I’m doing.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m hoping to post more often with updates for anyone that wants to know.


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