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I know, I know: I need to post my Orlando trip. I’m just… so… tired. And lazy. Ha.

Just a few quick things:

– Meet the babies, Karloff (white) and Lugosi (black): K&L

I have an addiction to Doctor Who:


I’m at work on some other new projects, like the review blog I had posted previously, and then some. Links to those another night. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up to why I’m running behind. 🙂


The Adoption of King Leonidas

Whoever says money can’t buy happiness has obviously never adopted a pet.
This is the new baby in my life, King Leonidas – aka Lenny. He’s lived in the shelter since he was a few weeks old. I met him yesterday, and we fell for each other. Nobody wants to adopt the big shelter dogs that’ve been there forever. Except me it seems. Then again, I think HE adopted ME.
I brought King Lenny home today, and we’re getting along swimmingly. He’s so, SO happy to have a family, and I’m so happy to have him as part of mine. 🙂