Tomorrow I have another appointment with my Rheumatologist – a much needed one, at that, seeing as my body has been having a meltdown and I don’t really know what to doautoimmunedisease about it. So sometime tonight I need to write down a list of my issues going on and concerns and all that junk. Fun fun. I shall keep you all posted.

So college is… going. Algebra will probably be the death of me. I have a great buddy system going for most of my classes, but that doesn’t really help the fact that Algebra is evil and hates me.

I do really enjoy my Creative Nonfiction course, however, even though it scares me a little. I think what I find intimidating is that I’m more familiar working with fiction. But I’m learning that it’s actually not all that much different for me to pick up on, and so far I’m doing alright. We’ll see how my craft analysis goes I guess.

Mostly, I am just very, very tired.

I look forward to quitting my job for more than just the chance to get back on track with school and writing. I NEED the rest. I’ve stressed myself and my body far beyond what I should have. Ever.

Anyway, more tomorrow after the appointment!


  1. Numbers are evil.

    Numbers that pretend to be letters – SADISTIC!!!

  2. Wyman says:

    Numbers are numerous, some even humorous, but none timorous of humankind.

    Numbers can be calculating, derivative figures, whose summations, either infinitely rational or intinitely irrational, depends on the loquacious intent, of said expression; all things being equal.


    Numbers, bring solutions, to life’s problems. A number like Pi is no half-baked idea! Sigh, I depart, now. I must attend to a set of numbers, who are becoming testy, over your “evil” and “sadistic” remarks.

    “May the Equivalence be with you!”

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