[I need another story, something to get off my chest. My life gets kinda boring, need something that I can confess.]

So, here it goes. I’m starting the countdown to better days – or so I’m hoping. Because I’m sick and tired of crying, of feeling like I’ve wasted time. Sick of everything I’ve given, and everything I’ve given up, for a place that couldn’t care less about myself, my future, or my health.everythingyouwant

It is time that I stop saying “Someday.”

Someday I’ll quit..”

Someday I’ll be a writer..”

Someday I’ll…”

blah blah.

I am THE Angel Young. It may not mean much at the moment, but someday it will.

I’ve lived an insane life. I’ve met some incredible people, and I’ve done some amazing things. To hell with anyone who thinks I can’t do this. If I put my mind to it, I can do anything I want.

A wise old Sicilian witch once told me that even though I still had some horrible obstacles to face, I would survive them to come out stronger, because “the gods smile on me”, and I am meant for greatness.

Here I sit, thinking about the fact I’m sticking to my word – I have less than 90 days of this day job bullshit. I may be off on another adventure in less than 2 months. But more than that – I am making the conscious decision that I am no longer waiting to be a writer. I am a writer. And soon, the world will know my name.

I shall post more later, my lovelies. The words… they call me. ❤



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