“We may all deserve hell, but some of us deserve it sooner than others.”

Posted: April 6, 2012 by Angel Young in Uncategorized
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So, I read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – which I purchased the day it came out, but sat on my To Be Read pile until I couldn’t stand it and put it on top – over the weekend and you know what?

Abso-fucking-lutely awesome.

I’m sure the book has haters (everything seems to nowadays) that think the concept in and of itself is stupid, and I even found it chuckle-worthy (hence why I bought it). BUT, after reading this biography style novel, I’m starting to question whether this was fact or fiction. I love this book, so much. I definitely suggest checking it out.

Now I’m on to Number 8 on my List:

Only on Chapter Two at the moment, but the story sounds promising, so I’m hoping for another incredible read. We shall see.

That’s all for today folks. Still dealing with the Mysterious Sickness of Doom. Still hoping I’ll wake up all better. Still wanting so badly to set up some photo shoots.

Soon enough, I hope.


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