The Mysterious Sickness of Doom

Posted: March 4, 2012 by Angel Young in Uncategorized
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So, those who know me in the “real world” are somewhat aware of the fact that I have been hella sick all week. Like, unholy pain, vomiting, headaches, bleeding in ways I shouldn’t be – including urine and vomit, fevers. But not everyone is filled in on exactly what’s been going down, so I’ve decided to make a single post describing what’s going on so hopefully I don’t have to type it out five billion times for friends and relatives alike.

I had this odd pain about a week or two before the actual sickness began, and we still aren’t positve how much it has to do with what’s actually wrong. But it was this horrible sharp pain that went up my heel to my back which was unbearable after a while, and we assumed that was something to do with my sciatic nerve causing me issues. But Tuesday this week I was in so much pain, I literally started crying at work. By that night, I was puking up blood and everything else my body could scrape out of me, along with running a temp. I was unbelievably miserable.

So, Wednesday I was forced into bloodwork and IV fluids/medications. I was pretty sickly most of the day, with the exception of right after the pain and stomach meds kicked in, as well as the fluids – dehydration is a bitch, after all. By that night I felt crappy again. Thursday morning I felt like crap but tried to go about my day anyway, until I found out my mom had left work really, really early for some reason and was coming to pick me up. So, I crashed on my couch until she came after me and informed me my lab tests came back with three critical alerts (alert low on sodium, calcium, and potassium) and I was heading back for even more IV related hell. By Thursday night, before I went to do my taxes, I had been stabbed by needles 4 times since Wednesday. So trust me, I was thrilled when they put a lock on my IV so it could be left in my hand for the other IVs. That way, I logically wouldn’t need poked again.

Thursday night, however, I hit a bad low. I really thought I was going to die, and I’m pretty sure my mom did too. Hell, looking back on it, I may have been dying. I never want to be so miserable again. EVER. I felt so weak and so out of it and hurt so badly… *shudders* yeah. It was baaad.

Friday morning I wasn’t feeling so hot either, so of course that day I ended up back on the IV stomach meds and fluids. I also had to do more bloodwork to see if I was still critical, so I had to be stuck two more times (my IV was being a bitch and not letting them draw blood out of it. Of course.) That means I’ve had needles poked in me 6 times since this mess began. Not the worst, by far, especially for me. But definitely not something I’m big on doing. Plus I had an EKG – which was normal, thankfully – among other things.

Now, I felt pretty crappy today and yesterday. Still vomiting, hurting, being miserable in general. Had to have more IV fluids and antibiotics yesterday. Last night we found out my labs improved, though my calcium is almost to a bad point now, which has us worried. But, I’m still miserable. Mysterious Sickness of Doom is not ready to let me go.

Technically, we’re thinking it is or at least started as pyelonephritis, a bad kidney infection. But… if that were it, logically, it should be gone by now, or at least fading. Yet, it isn’t really. So, we have no clue what’s wrong. Unless it’s just not getting better, or it’s turning into something else.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight, folks. I’m feeling pretty bad and ready to crash. Once I know more about Mysterious Sickness of Doom, I shall share.


  1. hattiesburghappenings says:

    Take two aspirin.

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